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English Summary – Open Call: Futurescapes for Better Wetter


The ‘veenweidelandschap’ is treathened. Program Better Wetter responds to this urgency by exploring de opportunities and possibilities of the subsidence in this area. Problems  in waterstorage and periodic shortages demand new ways of water management. Question is whether the lowest area’s will remain suitable for agricultural purposes. This makes Better Wetter a water technological issue, as well as a search for new economical impulses for the  ‘veenweidelandschap’. This could include new ways of recreational facilities and tourism, production of energy and materials, food and product development. There is a need for visual material to specify spatial adaptation of the ‘veenweidegebied’ for a wide audience. One picture can say more than a thousand words. Futurescapes will become very important in the promotion of Better Wetter.

Ark Fryslân invites designers, students and experts to make a creative contribution to the matter of special adaptation, or how to prepare the ‘veenweidelandschap’ for climate change. Contributions will consist of a short movie of up to 2 minutes (max. 300MB), expressing an idea or dream for the ‘veenweidegebied’. A jury led by Peter de Ruyter, will judge the futurescapes and assign a winner.


Competition and Regulations

Contributions exist of a vision on the future perspectives of the ‘Veenweidegebied’. This concerns innovative and sustainable ideas or dreams. The jury will be considering the creative interpretation and individual character. Also should the subject be approached in a transdisciplinary way. Ideas must bij categorised in one or more of the following categories:

– recreational facilities and tourism

– production of energy and materials

– food and product development

The contest takes place following the rules as defines in ‘Reglement Open Oproep: Futurescapes For Better Wetter’.  As requested by Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein and Altenburg&Wymenga  the contest will be organized by ARK Fryslân.

Deelname en Winnaars
The contest is open to all candidates. Both professionals as researchers, architects, developers etc. and  (teams of) non-professional contestants Students are importunately asked to participate.

Participation is only possible in teams, in connection with the transdisciplinary disposition of the assignment. A minimum of 2 disciplines must be represented in each team.

Registration deadline: tuesday 22 March 2016, 12:00 AM

To register for the contest, go to www.arkfryslan.nl . In a couple of days after registration you will receive a confirmation and additional information about the ‘veenweidegebied’.

Submission deadline: tuesday 19 April 2016, 12:00 AM

Contributions exist of digital information. The digital information wil be sent to emailadress info@arkfryslan.nl using the website ‘wetransfer.com’ The contribution has to be submitted before tuesday april 19th, 12.00 AM.


Its possible tot ask questions about the contest till tuesday march 29th 2016, 10.00AM, by sending an e-mail to ldevries@arkfryslan.nl . All questions and answers will bepublished on our website (www.arkfryslan.nl) no later than april 6th 2016.

The Winning Team

On May 10th 2016 the jury will announce the nominees on the website www.arkfryslan.nl. The winners wil be announced on May 27th during the ‘Watersymposium: Circulair Economy in Delta Areas’ in Velp.